What is a Dirt Bike?

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A dirt bike is a particularly stable and at the same time light mountain bike, which is particularly suitable for jumps. They are used for a fun sport, where you jump particularly high and fancy jumps over mounds or other obstacles.

It has a smaller frame than you normally know from a mountain bike. Dirt bikes are mainly used for dirt jumps and riding in skate or bike parks, because you can do very good tricks with these bikes. For the necessary stability in the dirt bike provides besides the frame also the suspension fork.

A dirt bike around a sports equipment that is suitable exclusively for this extreme sport. The dirt bike is not suitable for road use.

What a dirt bike consists of?

So that long jumps succeed well and no full damage is to be expected during the extreme tricks, the dirt bike is extremely robust and at the same time lightly built.
The frame height and the saddle position are lower than on a normal mountain bike to avoid unpleasant shocks and injuries during the jumps.

The suspension fork is also more sprung to better absorb the shocks. Here you have again listed the features of a dirt bike bike:

  1. Very sturdy yet lightweight construction in the frame, handlebars, stem, rims and crank.
  2. The frame is made of aluminum or steel, with the top tube dropping sharply to the rear
  3. Very large suspension fork (80 to 120mm travel)
  4. Wide tires with coarse tread (2.1 to 2.4 inches wide)
  5. Usually only one or even no gears (single speed bikes)
  6. Usually only one rear brake.

What should I watch out for in a dirt bike?

The stability of your dirt mountain bike should be decisive for you. The higher you want to jump or the more blatant the tricks should be, the higher your demand on the corresponding quality should be.

The weight plays a central role, because the lighter the bike, the higher and further jumps are possible. The suspension fork can be well sprung or hard, depending on whether you prefer jumps or tricks.

The frame height and tire size are also important points that you should consider in advance.

For the fun sport of dirt jumping, where it really goes over hill and dale, tires with a strong profile that still offer little rolling resistance are ideal. If you are more in the trick area on the road tires without profile offer, because you can move faster with them on dry and straight surfaces to start the next trick.

But also the gears and also the brakes have a decisive influence on the choice of the optimal bike for you just by their weight.

Then, of course, it depends on whether you are just starting out or want to venture into higher spheres as an advanced rider.

Can I use a dirt bike normally for cycling?

Definitely no! The dirt bike is a piece of sports equipment and is only optimized for dirt jumps. It is conceivably unsuitable for road traffic. The low saddle and the low frame height alone make normal cycling extremely uncomfortable.

The lack of mandatory lighting, brakes and mudguards also make the dirt bike unsuitable for normal road traffic.

Which well-known brands and manufacturers of dirt bikes are there?

Here you can find some of the most famous dirt bike brands. They are internationally established and are among the best manufacturers of dirt bikes:

  • Bergamont
  • Bulls
  • Canyon
  • Cube
  • Dartmoor
  • NS Bikes
  • Rose
  • Scott
  • YT Industries

Where can I ride and practice with my dirt bike?

There are special parkours and trail courses all over the cities and surrounding areas. You can find out about a parkour near you on the Internet. The trails are closed to normal traffic, so you can concentrate on your jumps and tricks.

There are also different training offers that encourage and challenge everyone from beginners to professionals. Mostly they are offered by clubs or associations.

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